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Manicure Treatments

Basic Manicure
Tropical Manicure
Stella Manicure
Special Hawaii Manicure
Luxury Manicure

Spa Manicures

Basic Manicure With Gel Polish
Love Manicure With Gel Polish
Stella Manicure With Gel Polish
Special Hawaii Mani With Gel Polish
With French Extra

Nail Enhancement

Acrylic + Regular Polish
Full-set: $40 | Rebase: $32+
Acrylic + Gel Polish
Full-set: $52 | Rebase: $42+
Pink & White
Full-set: $55 | Rebase: $45+
White Tip
Full-set: $40 | Rebase: $25+
Color, Glitter Powder
Full-set: $55 | Rebase: $45+
Dip Powder
Full-set: $45+
Full-set: $55 | Rebase: $45

Kids Services

Kids Manicure

1 to 12 years old

(Includes 2 nail art on fingers)

Kids Pedicure

6 years old and under
7 to 12 years old

(Includes 2 nail art on toes)

Kid Polish Change Toes

Kids combo

1-6 years old
7-12 years old

Kids polish change (includes 2 nail art on fingers)

1-6 years old
7-12 years old

Up to 17 year old: adult price

Spa Pedicures Treatments

Volcano Pedicure Spa

Relax and rejuvenate with our Volcano Spa. Detox volcano crystals and activators combine to create an invigorating and detoxifying experience with fun bubbling explosions! Bubbly soak deodorizes while repairing damaged layers of the skin. Complete the pedicure treatment with an exfoliating sugar Scrub, collagen cream mask, and collagen massage lotion made with organic based ingredients. There’s a hot towel wrapped on your calves while being hot stone massaged, followed by a polish. This is the perfect recipe for soften skin and for a vibrant healthy glow, paraffin wax and extra paraffin wax for hand!

Luxury Jelly Pedicure Spa

A Jelly Pedicure creates a truly luxurious pedicure experience by transforming the warm water into a soft, translucent, fluffy jelly that will melt all of your daily stress away. The mixture is made of natural plant oils that, when added to water, create a smooth gelatinous mixture that will send a thousand sensations of luxury through your toes & soles. The essential oils, aloe vera, and light fragrance will melt the stress and anxiety away while removing toxins and stimulating blood circulation to relax your muscles. This pedicure is available in the following scents: Green Tea, Mint, Rose, Lavender, Lemon, Olive, Orange, Coffee, Strawberry, Carrot, Peach, Vanilla, Apple Grape, Cherry, and Honey & Cinnamon.

Special Hawaii Pedicure

Includes callus remover and paraffin wax.

7 Benefits Of Pedi Bomb

Great for skin-create an atmosphere-have healing properties-scents have a purpose-soothe your skin-help detox-improve circulation. Soak your feet with clair pedi bomb. This pedicure has a healing property to detox and rehydrated dry skins. Our certified nail technician will complete pedicure maintenance. Collagen mask treatment will help rejuvenate the skin by deeply moisturizing and boosting collagen production. Deeply massage with moisturizer cream to promotes soften skin. Top with hot towels & hot stone.

Stella Pedicure

An extraordinary treatment! Includes callus remover on your heels. We use an exfoliating sea salt scrub for your legs and wrap them in a paraffin wax treatment for rehydration, includes a special hydrating lotion.

Tropical Pedicure: No Callus Remover

Relax with our mandarine honey scrub, moisturizing clay mask wrapped with two hot towels, and stimulating massage on your legs and feet.

Basic Pedicure: No Callus Remover

Enjoy our spa pedicure by soaking your feet and maintaining your cuticles, toe nails. Also include a relaxing massaging on your legs and feet finished with a polish color of choice.

Callus Remover Only Extra
Gel Polish Extra


Basis Manicure & Pedicure
Tropical Manicure & Pedicure
Stella Manicure & Pedicure
Special Hawaii Manicure & Pedicure
Combo Luxury

Additional Services

Polish Hands
Polish Feet
Nail Repair
Artificial Nail Removal
Paraffin Dip On Hands
Paraffin Dip On Feet
Nail Art
Medium-Xtra Long
Change Shape
Gel removal


Whole Face
Half Arms
Full Arms
Half Legs
Full Legs
Under Arms


Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash Touch Up
Cluster Lash